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Haier 7.0kW, Cool 7.6kW Heat T-Series Split System Air Conditioner AS71TE1HRA

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years on-line, but available in our physical store. The innovative design of Hi-Wall Split System allows super quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort. The desired temperature is reached quickly and efficiently and then stabilised for ultimate comfort with A-PAM DC inverter technology. A-PAM control technology allows DC Inverter to work stably at low frequency and with greater power at high frequency while allowing energy–saving and quiet operation, compared to non-inverter models. Comparison with non-inverter Technology Quick Comfort Inverter air conditioners supply the exact power needed to reach the set temperature in around half the time required by conventional models, cooling or heating the room rapidly. Stable Temperature Operation Inverter units can quickly and efficiently adjust and maintain the operating temperatures within the ‘Comfort Zone’ eliminating temperature fluctuations associated with traditional on/off units.